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Your dog is your best friend, or something even more.

She’s an incredible soul who is always there for you,

Who can somehow make you smile even when your heart is breaking.


Being with him makes your best adventures even more fun,

And time to chill is more complete with him by your side.


That’s how it should be, anyway.

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There are a lot of opinions out there in the dog training world.

Sadly, all these conversations often just feel wrong.
And that makes us uncomfortable.

Good! That discomfort is your heart speaking to you.

It’s time to listen.

Have you been taught that you need to “be the alpha” and “dominate” your dog
to show your dog that you are the “pack leader”?

Do you miss out on the joy and intimacy of snuggling in the bed or on the couch,
— not because you don’t like it —
But because you’re been told it’s wrong to allow it?

fearful dog hiding under bed
Love, care, friendship with dog. Soulful connection with dog
dog pulling the leash
Man walking dog on trail

Do you feel guilty because there is a distance between you,
And you don’t know how to close that gap?

Or maybe you’ve used very positive dog training methods, but you’re still missing something that takes you deeper.

Here’s the truth: 

Those feelings of discomfort, of guilt, of distaste, or even of boredom — those feelings are your wiser self talking to you, giving you a message you need to hear.

Our relationships with our dogs should make us feel lots of things.
Guilt, shame, and discomfort are not among them.

I went through this, too, and that’s what inspired me to find a better way.

Hi, I’m Desiree.

I’m the founder of Horizon Dog Training & Behavior.

I’m a Certified Canine Behaviorist with a specialization in building relationships.

Not only do I have masters degree level education in psychology and behavior, but I have multiple international certifications in training and behavior. 

What I have spent my lifetime trying to learn — and what drives the methodology that I developed, that we now teach our clients — is not a series of exercises that can be practiced in a few minutes a day to accomplish a specific goal.

What my team offers is a different perspective: a way to understand WHY your dog is doing what he is doing, to listen to what he is saying to you… 

and to use this knowledge to build a relationship.  

desiree with millie on the woods

Training your dog is great.

But your dog is learning from every single interaction you have with him, not just those minutes you spend “training.”

“I cannot say enough good things about Desiree and her ability to connect with us. She listened carefully and spent a great deal of time working with us and explaining things. Now, six months later, all of the problems have disappeared. Thanks to Desiree, Darby is the dog I knew she could be – the best dog ever!” — Joyce Bell-ellison

Woman in starting position with dog

This is what matters:


In every interaction you have with your dog, you are either building or destroying your relationship


You are moving towards harmony (and good behavior) or towards conflict and misunderstanding.


Standing still is impossible.
Which way are you moving right now?

Our programs can help you build a deep, soulful connection with your best friend
that exceeds routine and becomes extraordinary.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to learn more and dig deeper.

This is not a quick-fix approach.
It will require you to look closely at yourself and at how you live with your dog.

But if you’re on board for that kind of transformation…
we can help.

“I have worked with trainers before, which really helped, but I knew Desiree would be what I needed. I could see immediately that she really ‘got’ my dog. Things began to improve in a very short time.  She explained things very well and I finally understood what I needed to do, to make progress. Desiree is truly devoted to her work and the dogs are lucky to have her.” — Ruth Smeal

Desiree is a certified dog behaviorist in Greenville, SC. In home training, and positive dog training for all dogs. That includes aggressive dog training in Greenville, SC. All dogs are welcome!

Ready to connect with your best friend?

Ready to connect with your best friend?

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