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Behavior Bites Resource Library

Healing Aggressive Behavior

Are you struggling with aggressive behavior from your dog? You know your pup can be a loving, sweet family member – but dealing with aggressive behavior can be scary and overwhelming. Learn the basics so that you understand what is driving your dog’s behavior and what to do about it.

Hope for Problem Behavior

Has problem behavior caused you to wonder if your dog is just a "bad" dog? Even if you're dealing with serious problem behaviors with your pup, don't despair! There is hope. Many, many issues can be addressed -- and often solved entirely.

The Truth about Dog Anxiety

Living with a dog that has anxiety can be frustrating - both because of challenging behaviors that anxiety can cause, and because there is so much conflicting information about how to deal with it! In this video, we'll bust some common myths about dog anxiety, so you can help your pup be happy and comfortable in the world!

The Truth About Behavior Medicines

Are behavior meds like Prozac useful or necessary? Or will they just turn your dog into a zombie? How about all those natural supplements? Find out answers to these questions and more!

Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

Worried that your dog might be suffering from separation-related distress? Take this quick quiz to both learn more about the symptoms and to discover if your dog may have Separation Anxiety.

Separation Anxiety

Learn some important facts about Separation Anxiety, and the truth behind some common myths. This disorder is a serious problem for both dogs and the humans that love them, but luckily, it can be fixed!

Dominance and “Being the Pack Leader”

Curious about all the debate around being the “alpha” and showing your dog you are the “pack leader?” Check out this highly informative article by the  American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

Dominance and “Being the Pack Leader”
Puppies & Socialization

Puppies & Socialization

Everyone agrees that puppy socialization is crucial to raising a behaviorally healthy dog. But that still leaves questions around HOW and WHEN! Find answers here.

Recognizing Humane Training

What kinds of techniques are truly scientific and humane when working with your dog? Learn what the latest science has to say about training methods.

Recognizing Humane Training
Easy, Fun (mainly) Free enrichment

Easy, Fun, (Mainly) Free Enrichment

Here are some suggestions and tips for simple, low-cost activities you can create for your dog, to keep him occupied. Let’s go beyond stuffed kongs, and licky mats. Instead, let’s get creative! These activities are perfect for dogs who need limited walks for health or behavioral reasons.

10 Tips for Healing Aggression 

Learn 10 things you must keep in mind as you work to transform your dog’s aggression, while keeping your dog happy and everyone safe.  

10 tips for addressing aggression

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