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Want to do cool stuff with your dog–but they just won’t behave?


With Canine Connection School, you can completely transform your relationship in 7 minutes per day!

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Does this sound familiar…

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Your dog would rather chase a squirrel, visit the neighbor, bark at other dogs… any one of a million other things, rather than pay attention to you.
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You love your dog, but if we’re being perfectly honest, you have to admit she’s kinda hyper and annoying.
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You really, really want to do more cool stuff with your dog, but you are afraid he’ll be out of control.
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You simply don’t know what to do when things with your dog don’t go the way you want.
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You want to connect more deeply, but you often wonder why your dog is doing what she is doing.

Here’s the truth: 

It’s frustrating when you’re trying to give your dog a great life, but their behavior prevents you from doing fun things together.

Thankfully-you can still have an awesome relationship with your four-legged friend, and great behavior will automatically come as a result of that.

…And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Through Canine Connection School, you will develop a total understanding of your dog that changes your relationship forever.

Stop wasting money on different training techniques that take a lot of time, energy, and don’t get results. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know to have a peaceful dog that’s your best friend, step by step.

In the Canine Connection School, you will learn:

(in just 7 minutes/day):


A new way of relating to your dog that will totally transform your connection

WHY your dog is doing what they are doing, so that you can improve the behavior
Simple, intuitive techniques that will teach your dog how to naturally feel calm and pay attention…in any situation.

Here’s How It Works:


Join canine connection school


Do the 7-minute, podcast-style lesson each day


Apply what you learn into your daily interactions with your dog

Imagine having a life of fun and adventure with your best friend…
What will you experience together?

“Here is what I learned: psychology is psychology. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a human. Learning all of this about my pup has not only transformed our relationship, but it’s helped me address my own mental health. This goes way beyond dog training.” — Monica H. & Portia

“This has affirmed everything that feels truest to me, not just on what WORKS best, but also on what IS best, for my dog, to make him happiest. The very first time I implemented this stuff, he looked at me and it was like he was saying, “EXACTLY. I’ve just been waiting for you to hear me. Yes, I can do that for you.” Now this is part of my everyday life and I implement it in other areas, too – it goes beyond just the dogs.” — Tucker C. & Finn

“This training program is awesome! It worked really well to help me understand how to relate and bond with my pups. Real-world connection, and relationship building. Unlike any other program you may have tried. It trains the owner and the dog to relate and communicate. It becomes a partnership, not an ownership relationship.” — Sharie E. & Enzo

“Our Luna has excelled leaps and bounds in a matter of days. She was barking at everything and charging up to people and other dogs aggressively, snapping at them. Clearly, we couldn’t have that happening. But now she is barely barking and is so much more responsive. Also, it feels like we are more bonded with her and can communicate in the right ways!” — Matt E. & Luna

“The relationship work I learned has made all the difference. Just that, with no further training and no meds, brought the issues down to a manageable level that I can live with. And we aren’t even through the entire course yet! I thought we always had a great relationship and that he trusted us, but since I’ve implemented what I learned and seen the changes, I’ve realized how little he actually did. The barking has gone away. He is actually sleeping. His energy is completely different – he’s a much happier dog now. He is soooo much more trusting and responsive in every way!”  Desiree M. & Pablo

Our clients transformed their relationship with their four-legged best friends. Now it’s your turn!

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