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Aggression to People and Other Dogs


Resource Guarding


Separation Anxiety & Related Problems


Fear & Sensitive Dogs


Building Stronger Relationships

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We are currently accepting applications to our programs from serious students who have intent to enroll.

If you are NOT ready to enroll, but are looking for more information about the programs (including cost)…
please visit our services pages and also check the FAQs.

For behavior programs, find all the details here:
Standard Behavior Program (appropriate for most cases)
Separation Anxiety Programs

For programs including private day training, details are here:
Real World Life Skills (adolescents and new dogs)
Puppy Intensive

Once your application is received, our team will review it. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll reach out.

We’ll answer any questions you might have, and help you schedule your Behavioral Evaluation.  

Please Note: We operate at full capacity, and only accept a limited number of new clients per month as current clients graduate. On average, wait time to get started is 4-6 weeks once your application is approved. 

We’ll be in touch soon — usually within 2 business days.


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Ready to connect with your best friend?

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