Does Online Dog Training Really Work?


Here’s why:

Traditional, in-person training has a BIG downside:

  • The physical presence of the trainer influences your dog’s
    behavior and your results.

I speak dog and dogs know it.


That means that the results you see when I am there…
aren’t real. Your dog is responding to my skill.

You won’t get the same results when you’re alone.

Online training allows us to work with your dog’s REAL behavior, in the REAL world, so that you get REAL results.

In fact, I’m going to make a bold claim:
You don’t need me to train your dog for you. 

YOU need to train your dog, so your dog will learn to connect with and listen to YOU.

Plus, your behavioral intervention plan may not look how you are envisioning.

You’re probably concerned about your dog’s response to something specific. That’s understandable!

But, that trigger isn’t your problem. It’s a SYMPTOM of your problem.
The goal of behavioral intervention is to get to the root of the issue and address that.


This means we start by working with you and your dog both on foundational interventions, 
and then expand to work directly with your dog’s triggers. 

This way, you get lasting, real results that stay…
and you’ll know exactly how to handle problems that arise, with confidence.

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10 Reasons Online Training Works:


Your dog learns to listen to YOU:

You learn to work with your dog yourself, and your dog learns to trust and listen to YOU, not just the trainer. Plus, you’re gaining a deeper understanding, and you can apply that to any dog in the future.

REAL-LIFE Behavior Analysis:

No more watching your dog’s behavior fall apart when they’re away from the trainer! Plus, no scrambling to create artificial training scenarios!  We will leverage remote technology to work with is the behavior you really see, in real life and on a day-to-day basis.

Less Stressful for Your Dog

Anxious and fearful dogs, especially, are very sensitive to environmental changes, including having a stranger present. Removing this stressor not only makes your dog’s behavior more real, it also means they will respond better to the training, because they are in a comfortable mental state.

Less Stressful for You

You aren’t trying to cram so many things into your brain at one time:  a stranger being in your house, hoping your dog doesn’t embarrass you, what the trainer is doing, how your dog is responding, all the instructions and info the trainer is giving you…it’s all too much! Instead, you can relax and focus, and everything is available for review if you forget something.


Online doesn’t mean impersonal. My program includes plenty of hand-holding, including between-session support, and I encourage you to use it!

More Efficient Training

Leveraging technology and online materials means every moment of our time together is focused on getting results with your dog.

Easily Include Everyone

It’s easy to include family members or friends who are involved in your dog’s life — even if they are not able to be home for the session, or live somewhere else.

Lifetime Access

You’ll have lifetime access to all the online materials in the portal. Plus, your sessions can be recorded for later review or to share with family members who can’t make the session.

Convenient & Weather-proof

You can fit sessions into your busy schedule without the hassle of having to get your dog to a training building for a class. Even when we do in-person sessions in your home, we are often limited by weather or other conditions. With online training, this isn’t a concern. The combination of live training and video review allows us to work around all of these factors, accurately and conveniently.


You have access to the highest level of professional guidance, regardless of your location. No need to settle for whatever trainer happens to be available.

Horizon Dog TrainingOther Programs
Your dog learns to listen to YOU, first and foremostRM
REAL-LIFE Behavior Analysis, facilitated by remote technologyRM
Reduced stress for you & your dogRM
Session recordings & online lessons, so you can practice and learn anytime, anywhereRM
High-touch, with full support between sessionsRM
Is convenient and hassle-freeRM
Lifetime accessRM

“I SO enjoyed having our consults in this fashion! It was easy and fun and so much more relaxed. It’s just as effective!” — Melissa K.

“I was skeptical about online dog training, but Desiree’s approach was incredibly powerful. Plus, the virtual sessions saved us a lot of time and were so easy! I hired in-person dog trainers in the past, but it actually seemed to scare Pebbles and make her even more nervous. On the contrast, Horizon Dog’s virtual training and resources absolutely transformed our family dynamic. I wish I had hired Desiree sooner… I would have saved so much time, money, and frustration!” — Keara P

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