Real-World Life Skills

Real-world Life Skills Immersion Program

Get out and about with your dog!


You’re picturing a life of fun and adventure with your dog.

You want to give your pup the world, to explore and have fun together, and do stuff like…

Hitting the trails together

Exploring the shops and restaurants downtown

Enjoying an evening at a brewery

…And you want to relax in the company of a well-behaved, trustworthy companion.

We’ll help you build reliable good behavior that translates to real-world adventures.

Our unique 12-week blended training program combines behaviorist-led insight with done-for-you trainer support.

dog and coffee shop
dog inside of a camping tent with men
Hitting the trails together

We go beyond obedience & traditional dog training to teach fundamentals that matter.

This way, calm, reliable behavior becomes intuitive for your dog, even in high-distraction environments.

Unlike board-and-train programs, your pup will remain safe and happy at home with you, where he can bond with you…and you’ll both be learning together.

Our Real-World Life Skills Immersion is







Please Note: this program is available for adolescents and dogs 20 weeks old and over, with no significant behavior issues. Dogs with more serious behavioral concerns will need to complete our general behavior program first, to be eligible for this program.

The Real-World Life Skills Immersion

Comprehensive Behavioral Evaluation

Behavioral Assessment

You’ll begin with a complete assessment with our certified dog behaviorist. We’ll assess where your dog is now, ensure that your pup is the right fit for this program, take a deep look at your goals and what is needed to get your pup where you want to go, and create a customized training plan for you and your dog.

Private Day-Training Sessions For Your Pup:

Twice a week, our trainer will come to your home and work individually with your dog. This will include field trips to prepare your dog for a lifetime of adventure, and may include training in your home and neighborhood to teach foundational skills.

Private Day-Training Sessions For Your Dog
1:1 Skills Sessions

1:1 Skills Sessions:

Our trainer will work directly with you and your family, to teach you what your pup is learning and to ensure that the training your dog is receiving generalizes to you. These sessions may take place in your home or at a field trip location. 

Weekly Training Plans:

We’ll provide you with weekly training homework and plans. This way, you’ll always know what we are working on, and you’ll know exactly what you should be doing to provide the maximum support. 

Full Support Between Sessions
Continued Behavioral Oversight.

Continued Behavioral Oversight.

You’ll be able to schedule unlimited Behavioral Check-Ins as needed with our behaviorist, to ask your most difficult questions and to ensure that everything with your dog is tracking the way it should. This way, we ensure that every challenge your dog faces is fully supported.

Full Between-Session Support:

You’ll have access to both your trainer and your behaviorist for the entire duration of your program. Get your questions answered when you have them.

The behavioral portion of your training program may be conducted on-line, via Zoom. Hands-on skills sessions and day training will take place in your home or at field trip locations.

Full Between-Session Support

Every Program Also Includes…

Discounted rate for any future sessions.

Just in case you ever want to fine-tune, refresh, or work on additional issues.


Full Resource Library.

Additional bonus lessons, so you can keep growing even after our sessions.

Lifetime access to all online resources.

This way, you can review what you’ve learned any time or redo the program on your own with future dogs, without paying more.

Program Investment:

Behavioral Evaluation: $250

Get started with a thorough assessment of your dog’s behavior and recommendations for next best steps.

Specialized Program:

Once you complete your Behavioral Evaluation, you are eligible to enroll in a Specialized Program:

Real World Life Skills Program:  $3250


Payment Plans Available. 

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How do I know if my dog is eligible for this program?

This program is open to dogs that are not exhibiting significant behavioral issues, and it’s ideal for adolescents. If your dog pulls on the leash, jumps up, is overenthusiastic in  wanting to greet other people and dogs, or is slightly shy — your pup is probably a great fit for this program. If your dog is reactive, aggressive, or fearful — you will most likely need our behavioral program instead. If you are unsure, reach out. Additionally, we will assess your dog’s behavior thoroughly during the Behavioral Evaluation session and ensure that you are enrolled in the right program for you and your dog.

Do I need to be present for the day training sessions?

No. In fact, we recommend that you remove yourself from the training session, even if you are present in the house. This allows your dog to focus and your trainer to be maximally efficient. Many of the sessions for this program will also likely be field-trip sessions, and your trainer will take your dog.

What commands will my dog learn?

While your dog will most likely learn some basic cues, our focus in this training program is not teaching obedience commands. Instead, our goal is to cultivate intuitive, natural responses to situations that are behaviorally healthy. This way, your dog will learn to think, problem-solve, and make good decisions on his own, without the need for you to micromanage his behavior. When your dog is attentive, responsive, calm, and intelligently assessing situations…you won’t need a lot of obedience cues to enjoy a well-behaved companion.

How long are training sessions?

The day training sessions vary, depending on what is being worked, but average one hour. Hands-on skills sessions are one hour each. Your initial behavioral evaluation is 1.5 hours, and subsequent behavior check-ups are 30-45 mins each.

What techniques do you use?

We use the same dog-friendly, positive, science-based techniques with puppies with all our clients. We do not use any techniques based in force, punishment, or aversion, and will never use any form of electronic, choke, or prong collar.

“Working with Desiree was a total game-changer! The work we did went beyond just commands and recall, but it really opened my eyes to see my relationship with my dog, Poe in a new way. Not only do Poe and I have a stronger bond, but I constantly get compliments from visitors as to what a good dog he is!” – Victor Pierantoni

“Desiree’s training is equivalent to a Master Class. She teaches the human how to understand their pup. Once I understood my pup, it’s like he understood me! Highly recommend, in fact I’ve already referred someone!” – Dara Forester

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