Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Your dog CAN feel comfortable & safe when home alone.


Separation Anxiety can make life miserable for both you and your dog. 

Your dog may be so upset to be left alone, he…

Whines or barks incessantly from panic

Eliminates inappropriately

Destroys your home or belongings

Paces, pants, drools, or trembles with anxiety

Engages in self-harming behavior, like licking or chewing

Refuses to eat

If your dog suffers from any of these problems, you may be at your wit’s end. You want to help, but you’ve tried everything, and nothing works. The neighbors are complaining, and you dread what you’ll find every time you go home. You’re tired of feeling guilty when you have to leave, and you just want to be able to have date nights or dinners with friends from time to time.

Worst of all…
you know your dog is suffering,
and that breaks your heart.

There is good news.

Separation Related Disorders have an excellent track record of treatability. This means that even though they may feel overwhelming, they can generally be resolved, with the right intervention.

Just imagine how good it will feel to come home to a dog who’s relaxed and happy to see you — and to finally be free to live your life, minus the guilt.

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separation anxiety
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Separation Anxiety Training That Works

We offer a range of support, from basic to all-inclusive, to fit every need.

Our packages include options such as: 

Comprehensive Behavioral Evaluation

Separation Assessment & Evaluation:

The evaluation session is the first step. We’ll complete a thorough separation-specific assessment to determine the best level of treatment for your dog’s separation distress. 


45-minute Separation Assessment

Private, 1:1 Hands-On Sessions:

We’ll meet directly via Zoom and complete exercises together. This will give us a chance to assess your progress, answer questions, and ensure that everything is headed in the right direction!


30-minute alone-time check-ups

Hands-On Sessions with Me
Online Lessons

Daily Missions:

Five days a week, I’ll custom-design a training mission for you and your pup to work through together. You’ll receive exact, specific steps detailing what to do each day. Expect approximately 30 minutes of training work for each mission. You’ll take two days a week off, to rest and let your pup process.

5 complete training plans per week

Full Support Between Sessions:

While you’re working through your program, you’ll also have direct access to your trainer via text & voice chat, and you’ll send videos for review.

This way, you will receive guidance in the moment when you need it, and you aren’t losing progress between sessions.

Full Support Between Sessions

Package Options:

Separation Assessment: $195

We’ll do a separation-specific evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for your pup.
An SA Assessment or a Behavior Initial Consult is required to enroll in a package.


Premium Package:

After your SA Assessment or Behavior Initial Consultation,
you are eligible to enroll in a package.


60-min Start-up Session
30-min Weekly Check-ins
5 Custom Training Plans/Week
Text Message Support & Video Review

8 Week Program:  $1900

Standard Package:


60-min Start-up Session
5 Custom Training Plans/Week
Text Message Support & Video Review

8 Week Program:  $1100

Basic Package:


4 (30-min) Sessions

This package emphasizes “quick fix” strategies.
These can sometimes be effective at modifying separation distress.
If these strategies fail, a more intensive approach will be needed.

4 Week Program: $400

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Does online training actually work for treating Separation Anxiety?

Absolutely! In fact, the gold standard in working with SA is online. Online sessions keep you from having to leave your dog or increase his stress by having a stranger enter the home, and they allow us to leverage modern technology in specific ways that dramatically improve our training process. This is one of the key factors that has changed what has historically been considered an “untreatable” disorder into one of the most solvable!

Does my dog have Separation Anxiety?

For immediate insights, complete our self-assessment here. What we refer to as “Separation Anxiety” is actually a cluster of problems. If your dog is displaying problematic behavior when left home alone, it’s almost guaranteed that you will need behavioral intervention, or the problem will get worse. It’s best to have a full assessment done by a qualified professional as a first step. From there, the right training plan for your dog can be developed. 

What caused this?

Many families worry that they “caused” their dog’s separation distress. If that’s you, you can breathe a sigh of relief; you are not to blame! Separation Related Disorders can be sparked by a variety of factors, including traumatic experiences, major changes (like rehoming or moving), or genetics.

Is it ok for my dog to sleep with me, follow me, greet me, etc.?

Yes! Spending a lot of time cuddling with, being physically close to, and/or receiving a lot of attention from their human does NOT increase a dog’s Separation Anxiety. In fact, recent research has proven that it reduces your dog’s stress in general, and even at being left. Feel free to give your dog as much attention and affection as makes the two of you happy!

Will my dog need medication?

Some Separation Anxiety dogs can benefit greatly from medical intervention, when it’s offered alongside proper behavioral support. Other dogs do great without it. I am happy to work with your veterinarian to determine the best total treatment plan for your dog.

How long does will it take before it’s fixed?

There is great variation in how long it takes for Separation Related Disorders to completely resolve. The bad news is, without intervention, they will likely get worse. There is good news, though:  SRDs have good prognosis, even when they are severe! All you need is patience, consistency, and the right approach.  Most clients will begin to see results with about 2 months of work, but it may take longer to resolve completely. The hardest part to addressing this disorder effectively is figuring out your pup’s unique variables and learning style. This is where professional help can make all the difference — and that’s the main goal of our first 1-2 months of work. Once we know that, and have your pup headed in the right direction, you can choose to either continue with full guidance…or take it on your own and reach out when you need help.

“We had three large adult dogs that were having dog-on-dog aggression issues. Desiree was able to help us learn how to read and address situations and issues between the dogs and ultimately teach the dogs to be respectful of each other. She also helped us with our dog who struggled with a lot of anxiety. And even when our sessions were all done and we lost one of our dogs to cancer, she was comforting to us as owners and helped us as we helped the other two dogs through that transition as well. If you want someone to help you truly understand your dog and learn everyday lifelong skills to help you teach and connect with your dog, then look no further.  I would highly recommend her and her training methods to anyone, but especially those with fearful or anxious dogs, or even dogs that are just a little bit odd, as ours was.” – Garland Cox

“Hayley, even as a tiny pup, had issues that couldn’t be resolved with obedience training. I am so glad we chose Horizon! Through Desiree, we learned that we needed to change our approach to form a healthy relationship with our girl. We now live with a happy, sweet, well-adjusted companion. I would recommend Desiree to anyone for her patience, her knowledge, and her experience with dogspeak. Without her help we would still be struggling.” – Jill H

“I spent months researching Dog Trainers in the Upstate that would be the best fit for our 2 year old Chiweenie and we hit the jackpot with Desiree! We had no idea what to do and knew he needed a kind and gentle approach. Desiree was very thorough and educated us on the why behind our dog’s reactions, which in turn helped us understand his triggers. I can happily say our entire family is living a much better quality of life and he is way less anxious thanks to her.” – Bree Zandy

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