Your relationship with your dog will never be the same.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

Are you struggling with stressful, problematic behavior from your pup that limits your lifestyle?


Our programs will help with:


Reactivity & Aggression


Fearfulness & Anxiety


Out-of-control Behavior


Separation Anxiety


Getting Puppies Started Right


….and much more!

It can be heartbreaking when you love your canine companion…
but you’re at your wits’ end, you’ve tried everything, and you’re exhausted, frustrated, and scared of what might happen.


Maybe you’re even secretly starting to wonder if you can keep your pup at all.

doghands of owner petting a dog
woman hugging dog on the couch
dog inside of a camping tent with men

The good news is, these things can often be turned around.

Not only will we correct problems, but you’ll also grow much closer to your dog through the process. 

We’ll take an approach that’s grounded in science and behavioral psychology… so you’ll understand WHY your dog is reacting to their world the way they are.

Then, you will learn in-depth to understand your dog and communicate, so that you establish a connection with your dog that’s deeper than ever before. 

You’ll be empowered to create the friendship and partnership you crave.

And, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to any other dog in the future.

If you want to forge a deep, life-altering connection with your best friend, this is for you.

Our private, 1:1 behaviorist-led dog training programs are high-touch and hands on.

Here’s How We Can Help:

Behavior Solutions

Behavior Solutions:

Is your pup exhibiting aggression, reactivity, anxiety, or fearfulness? We can help.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety:

Does your dog panic or stress when left alone? There is hope.

Intensive Puppy Program

Intensive Puppy Program:

Ready to raise your dream dog?
Let’s get your puppy started right.

Real-World Life Skills

Real-World Life Skills:

Have a new or young dog? We can help your pup build the skills to go anywhere and do anything.

“To have known my Bingley over the past year, and see his dramatic change, is to understand how meaningful our work with Desiree has been. Bingley was abused and abandoned by his former owners. Bingley was afraid of shadows on the floor, any noise, hand movements, any sudden movement of people, and had significant behavior problems. Desiree helped me understand how to relate to him in his “difficult” moments – but more importantly how to help him thrive and understand his needs. Fast forward to today. Bingley asks for love/scratches/snuggles and has a bottomless “love tank”. He is brave, sensitive, loving, and protective (in a healthy way). He’s learned to trust again, and even trusts me and others with his most prized possessions.”  – Mandy

“There were so many benefits to working with Desiree!  She was able to foresee everything that was coming with our puppy, so we were ready and had the tools to deal with it.  She provided constant advice anytime we had a question or an issue. Now, my Doberman has self-control, knows how to behave and is the perfect dog for us.” – Jolie Joseph

Ready to connect with your best friend?

Ready to connect with your best friend?

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