Your relationship with your dog will never be the same.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

Are you struggling with stressful, problematic behavior from your pup that limits your lifestyle?


This program will help with:


Reactivity & Aggression


Fearfulness & Anxiety


Lunging on the Leash


Distractibility & Hyperactivity


Refusal to Come When Called


….and more

It can be heartbreaking when you love your canine companion…
but you’re at your wits’ end, you’ve tried everything, and you’re exhausted, frustrated, and scared of what might happen.


Maybe you’re even secretly starting to wonder if you can keep your pup at all.

doghands of owner petting a dog
woman hugging dog on the couch
dog inside of a camping tent with men

The good news is, these things can often be turned around.

Not only will we correct problems, but you’ll also grow much closer to your dog through the process. 

We’ll take an approach that’s grounded in science and behavioral psychology… so you’ll understand WHY your dog is reacting to their world the way they are.

Then, you will learn in-depth to understand your dog and communicate, so that you establish a connection with your dog that’s deeper than ever before. 

You’ll be empowered to create the friendship and partnership you crave.

And, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to any other dog in the future.

If you want to forge a deep, life-altering connection with your best friend, this is for you.

Fully Customized, Hands-on Program

Online behavioral consultations build a deep connection with your dog & solve the toughest behavior issues.

Does online training really work?

…In fact, it’s faster, more efficient, and less stressful for both you and your dog.

PLUS, your dog will learn to listen to YOU in his normal environment
–instead of just the trainer in the training building.

And, even though it’s online, this is a VERY high-touch program.


Comprehensive Behavioral Evaluation

Comprehensive Behavioral Evaluation:

The first thing we’ll do is a complete behavioral assessment, including a full history, to customize your program for your pup. By the end, we’ll have a complete behavioral plan that we will implement together.


1 90-minute behavioral evaluation

Hands-On Sessions with Me:

We’ll have live, hands-on sessions to customize what you’re learning to your dog.This is your chance to get feedback, practice, and ask questions!

You’ll be training in your home and in the real world, so your dog learns to listen to YOU where it matters.


5 Hands-On Sessions, approximately 60 minutes each.

Hands-On Sessions with Me
Online Lessons

Online Lessons:

You’ll get started at home, on your time, by listening to the online lessons.
This means learning is convenient, fast, and quarantine-proof! Each lesson is short (an hour total content, divided into mini-lessons that are 10 minutes or less) so learning fits into your busy schedule. Plus, you’ll have access to this material for life.

And the best part is, this means we won’t waste a minute of your hands-on training time on things you can review beforehand.

4 Online Modules, 1 hour each.

Full Support Between Sessions:

While you’re working through your program, you’ll also have access to me via text & voice chat, and you’ll send me videos for review.

 This way, you will receive guidance in the moment when you need it, and we aren’t losing progress between sessions.

Full Support Between Sessions

Total Program Duration: 4 Months

Every Program Also Includes…

Consulting for nutritional and holistic support.

Help your dog feel happier…naturally.

Discounted rate for any future sessions.

Just in case you ever want to fine-tune, refresh, or work on additional issues.


Full Resource Library.

Additional bonus lessons, so you can keep growing even after our sessions.

Lifetime access to all online resources.

This way, you can review what you’ve learned any time or redo the program on your own with future dogs, without paying more.

Program Investment:  $1,250


Do You Have A Payment Plan/Do You Accept Cards?

Yes! I accept all major credit cards. You’ll receive your invoice through PayPal, and you can process your card there. You can also set up a payment plan through PayPal Credit, which will give you 6 months interest-free. (After six months, you’ll be charged interest.) 

Do You Offer Sessions On Nights And Weekends?

Currently, I see clients Monday – Thursday, and the last session available is at 5 pm. This gives me time to support my existing clients,  continuously improve my program, and invest in continuing education so I can serve my clients better every day.

Does Online Training Really Work?

Absolutely! In fact, I’ve seen even BETTER results by leveraging online methods:

  • The time we spend together is better utilized. You can listen to the modules online and do your prep work before your sessions with me. Every moment of our time together is focused on getting results with your dog.
  • Your dog’s behavior will be more normal because the environment is 100% “real.” No more watching your dog’s behavior fall apart when they’re away from the trainer!
  • Training is less stressful, because there isn’t a stranger entering the environment.
  • It’s easy to include family members or friends who are involved in your dog’s life — even if they are not able to be home for the session, or live somewhere else.
  • We analyze videos that you take, so that you can get answers to real-life behavior. 
  • Online sessions can be recorded for later review or to share with family members who can’t make the session.

Can We Work In-person Instead?

All clients start online. For clients in my local area (Greenville SC), we can switch to in-person as necessary to work on a specific issue.

What Technology Do I Need?

We use Zoom, which you can download for free on your computer from, or on your phone from the app store. It’s free and easy to use.

What If I’ve Worked With Other Trainers Before?

Most of my clients have worked with other trainers before and haven’t gotten the results they’ve been looking for. If you’ve done any of the following — E-collar training, board and train, basic obedience classes, or followed Cesar Milan’s instructions on TV — this training is fundamentally different. We go deeper, the training is entirely science-based, and there is an emphasis on truly understanding and partnering with your dog.

What If My Dog Only Works For Treats?

Treats are a fantastic tool for learning. They shouldn’t be the factor that motivates cooperation from your dog, however. Dogs are highly social creatures; this means that every dog — even the most independent or willful — is craving a partnership with a human. When you put in the work to create a strong relationship foundation, your dog will do his part and meet you more than halfway — without depending on treats.

When Will I See Results?

The majority of my clients see improvement after just a few weeks of focused work, are satisfied with this program, and continue fine-tuning on their own to get full results.

Is It Worth The Cost?

Only you can truly answer this. This method goes far deeper than standard dog training. When you work with me, you’re getting both my own unique relationship-based training methods AND the knowledge and skills of an internationally Certified Canine Behaviorist. Plus, what you’ll learn will fundamentally shift the way you approach working with your dog — and you’ll be able to apply that to any future dogs.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Here is what I can promise:

  • I will be honest and transparent with you about the likely outcomes and inform you during the first session if I do not believe I can help you.
  • I will deliver cutting-edge techniques based on the highest levels of current, scientifically-sound research.
  • You will be fully supported and your questions will be answered. 
  • We will use only methods that are dog-friendly, maximally positive, minimally aversive, and pain-free. I will never ask you to do anything that might damage your relationship with your best friend.

In return, I ask that you be in active communication with me, utilize all features and benefits (including online resources) made available to you, and follow the instructions I give you precisely. This is necessary to get the highest level of results.

Aggressive Dog Behaviorist in Greenville, SC.